News-The Indian Feed-20180529-Now And Then Of Language Learning Procedure

Learning a language is learning a culture too; what remains crucial is that the process of learning a new language, for whatever be the reason, serves as a catalyst for the amalgamation of cultures, rather than the over-shadowing of one. ‘English Vinglish’ was one of the films, which showcased this sensitive balance poignantly. The metamorphosis, the learning of a language encourages in an individual, is manifold, and at various levels – mental, emotional, and social. The journey is marked with challenges, milestones, and learnings. I still recall that hailing from a multi-cultural background did not make learning my mother tongue any easier, much to the dismay of my mother’s countrymen (and women).

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News-The Peeper Times-20180526-Geneo offers round-the-clock remote mentor support to students

IL&FS Education & Technology Services Ltd. (IETS) recently launched its digital learning platform, Geneo. The platform offers free personalised learning through curriculum-aligned content for students of class 8 to 10. In an interview with The Peeper Times, R.C.M. Reddy, MD & CEO, IL&FS, tells us why they are confident about the success of Geneo despite the stiff competition in the online learning market.

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