Article-BW Education-20180806- Education, Employability, And Employment – Bridging The Gap

Since providing meaningful employment and livelihood opportunities to youth is an absolute necessity to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth, given the favourable demographics, the critical next step is to provide skills and livelihood training to people across the learning spectrum from different social groups, improving income and standard of living, not only for the individuals, but their families and communities.

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Blog-jpinternational-20180805-Can a profession, like teaching, heavy on human connect, be replaced with technology?

The teacher forms an important connect between the school, all that it contains, the education imparted and the learner – indeed, an important responsibility. However, with intense competition, accelerating workload, increasing time constraints, and never-ending responsibilities, the task of a teacher has become a rather tough one. Notwithstanding these challenges, each teacher tries his/her best to impart quality education; to the aid of these important ‘ambassadors’ of learning comes, at times, new-age technology – not with the aim to replace, mind you, but with the aim to help catalyse improved teaching-learning experiences.

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