News-Asian News Channel-20180924-IL&FS Education wins big at the 53rd Skotch awards

IL&FS Education & Technology Services Limited (IL&FS Education) is the social infrastructure arm of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS), a leading financial Institution of India, mandated to look after Education, Employability and Employment (3Es) initiatives, around which the business canvas, including large scale Public Private Partnership initiatives, has been designed.

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Article-JP International School-20180911-Vagish and the K-Yan, interviews with a Difference…

As a writer, interviewing people from different walks of life is a part and parcel of one’s assignment; however, as interesting as it can be, it is also challenging – different people, different approaches. One such ‘assignment’ led me to ‘interview’ Vagish Jha – a gentleman, whom I had met fleetingly at previous occasions too. It was not just the gift of the gab that he was endowed with, but as little as I felt he spoke, he just, by far always, managed to ‘communicate more in less’ – a boon in today’s world, where almost everyone wants to be heard, not matter what it takes. So, when the day was set for a ‘tete-e-tete’, I was keenly looking forward.

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