2 Million Children Interact & Learn using the K-Yan


Welcome to a whole new way of interactive education

A New World of Interactive Learning

A New World of Interactive Learning

with Powerful Audio

From classroom to conference room presentations, the K-Yan learning ecosystem is engineered for easy interaction, convenience, power and remarkable audio quality.

With the included interactive software that helps write, annotate and create it’s a connected smart device unlike any other.

High Luminosity Daylight Visibility

The K-Yan uses Digital Light Projection (DLP) technology to display vibrant images on any surface, even in bright environments like classrooms or naturally light work areas.
This makes it an indispensable tool for learning as well as at work

Portable with Wireless Keyboard-Mouse

The K-Yan is a single wire device that can be used in multiple locations. Quickly start working without setting up. Use the wireless keyboard and mouse to teach, learn, collaborate and work anywhere.

Interactive with Powerful Audio
High Luminosity Daylight Visibility
Portable with Wireless keyboard-mouse
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Experience the K-Yan

Watch learner and teachers share their experience using the K-yan

Experience the

Watch learners and teachers share their experience of using the K-Yan

For Work, Education
and Everything

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