News – The Statesman – 20180906 – A Bridge Between Worlds

A Bridge Between Worlds   Learning a language is not just acquiring a lingua franca, the associated grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and structure of sentences; nor is it just acquiring the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It goes way beyond...

News-T3 India-20180904-Learn, engage and entertain with the K-Yan

Learn, engage and entertain with the K-Yan K-Yan, short for Knowledge Vehicle is not only a multipurpose device but a solution, which helps transform pedagogy from mere transmission to a facilitator of transformation. Learn, engage and entertain with the K-Yan...

News- The Hindu -20180903-Anytime, anywhere

Anytime, anywhere Geneo is an app developed for different types of learners with customised features and mentorship The barrage of new technologies can, at times, be overwhelming, if one is a wee bit technically-challenged. I recall the nostalgia associated with the...
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