Edvantage – March 2018


At the dawn of the year 2018 let me share a story of our
journey. 20 years ago, in 1997, IL&FS Education & Technology
Services Ltd (IETS) was born. It was known as ‘Schoolnet’,
then. We started with great gusto. We had the singular
aim to transform the educational ecosystem by making
quality education accessible and affordable by leveraging
technology. It was received with great enthusiasm as it filled
in a major felt gap. Initial euphoria, however, gave way to
hard realities. Internet itself was in its infancy. Reflecting in
hindsight, we were ahead of our time. Taking lessons from
‘Schoolnet’ experiences we reinvented ourselves as IETS.
Today, IETS is impacting 12 million students and close to half
a million teachers across the country on daily basis. We stand
today with substantial experience and wide footprint across
the country and beyond…. read more

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